Moving to Latin America is not an easy challenge. Our company´s target is to make your arrival process much more easy and comfortable, by having ready everything you need by the time you arrive to you new home. We have an experienced bilingual team, that will guide you thought the hole process so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Latam Real Estate is a Provider of Comprehensive Real Estate and Executive Relocation Services

We are able to uniquely provide this end-to-end solution through our long-standing partnership with Humphreys Plus a well-established UK based removals company with almost 100 years of history providing high quality and cost effective removals services world-wide.


We Provide:

Resultado de imagen para check Removals Services

Resultado de imagen para check Support prior to arriving in-country

Resultado de imagen para check Personalized greeting and local support in-country

Resultado de imagen para check Arranging Temporary Accommodation

Resultado de imagen para check Real Estate Services (Commercial, Residential and/or Industrial) for Buy and/or Rent

Resultado de imagen para check Assistance with local administration, Translation and Visas

A truly complete service in order to ensure a stress free relocation, For Economic, Reliable and Responsive Solutions please contact us a LRE.

+57 3057704053

For farther information please get in contact with Juanita Latorre

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To receive more information about Relocation:


Our team of lawyers will advise you with the legal process of obtaining a visa

Real Estate

Our team will assist you with finding the perfect place to live in Latin America.


Our team helps you to find a school/University that best suits your requirements

General advice

We will assist you with necessary services you need when relocated to Latin America